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April 2018, Volume 2, Issue 1

Original Research Paper
Steroid catabolism in bacteria: Genetic and functional analyses of stdH and stdJ in Pseudomonas putida DOC21
Elías R. Olivera, Manuel de la Torre, Álvaro Barrientos, José M. Luengo
doi Can J Biotech, 2(1),  Pages 88-99
Steroids, Ketosteroid dehydrogenases, KstD isozymes, Bile acids

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Original Research Paper
Abundance and identity of red spider mite species on Brachiaria grass in Kenya and its worldwide comparative phylogeny
D.L. Mutisya, S.R. Ghimire, D.M.G. Njarui, L. Kago, D. Githae, C. Mutai
doi Can J Biotech, 2(1),  Pages 100-107
Brachiaria grass, Red spider mite, Identity, Genetic diversity

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