Open Access

Open access journals have significant positive impact on the society. It is the publishing model which provides easy and free access to the full length research papers globally without any subscription to the journal. Readers are permitted to copy, utilize, distribute, spread and display the research work publicly in any medium subject to acknowledging/giving credit to the authors and to the journal.

In this model, the authors are expected to pay the publication charges to cover the operating expenses for the management of the journal. These charges are usually paid either by the author's institution or through the research grants. The fact that these charges are considered to be in lieu of the subscription charges, it permits the publisher to disseminate the published material to all the interested online readers at no additional cost.

Other than their cost-recovery model, open access journals are no different from the traditional subscription-based journals. Open access journals are also peer-reviewed journals where the research papers are reviewed by the experts in the field ensuring a strict quality control. Additionally, open access model permits maximum visibility, uptake and use of the published material.