Call for Papers: Thematic Issue

Thematic Issue on Biotechnology for Food System Sustainability

We invite you to submit your research work for an upcoming thematic issue of the Canadian Journal of Biotechnology. This issue will be on “Biotechnology for Food System Sustainability”. The lead guest editor of this thematic issue is Professor Gopinadhan Paliyath, University of Guelph, Canada (,;=en).

Food is the driving force for all living organisms, and the evolution of humans at the top of the food pyramid has resulted in deviations from the spontaneous evolution of food plants by technologies suited for selection of various quality characteristics, that are best suited for human needs. With the increase in human population, Agriculture underwent several changes, and many of these arose from willful alterations of agricultural practices and production methods; generation of better-suited crops by breeding as well as genetic engineering methods; developing technologies for optimal storage and maintenance of quality of food; detection and prevention of pathogens that affect food production; food safety and quality, all along the value chain has been a major objective in the food system operations.

At present, we are in a better position to address multiple issues affecting the food system through biotechnology approaches. In the past, most of the activities in the food sector were focused primarily to increase the production leading to the “green revolutions”.

We are again confronted with the situation of increasing available food, as the world population edges up and reaches the 9 billion mark. While the classical approach will be to destroy more forest resources to cultivate food plants, the more logical approach will be to develop sustainable practices to preserve the food produced and prevent the food loss that sometimes reaches nearly 50% of the production. The use of biotechnology and other related technologies can accelerate these processes, and bring solutions to several major problems affecting food security around the world.

Canadian Journal of Biotechnology (CJB) has taken a pro-active approach to publish a thematic issue focusing on several aspects of the food systems. The focus of the issue will be to publish recent researches that advance the theme and provide novel solutions through biotechnology. Biotechnology in this context may include multiple themes and may address the following and related areas.

  1. Biotechnology for enhancing food security
  2. Biotechnology in food preservation
  3. Biotechnology for food loss prevention

Original articles, reviews, description of technologies, and discussion papers are invited from Science Community to be published in a special issue after the peer-review process. The publication is anticipated by June 01, 2020. Please follow the formatting guidelines ( for the preparation of articles.

Submission Deadline: February 29, 2020.

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