About Us

Canadian Journal of Biotechnology (CJB) is an international online peer-reviewed, open access journal which publishes original research papers, review research articles, mini-review articles as well as short communications in all areas of biotechnology including cell biology, biochemistry, animal cell culture, embryology, genetics, microbiology, molecular biology, bioinformatics, bioprocess engineering, chemical engineering, biorobotics, genomics, immunology, pharmacogenomics, genetic engineering, industrial and environmental biotechnology.

After the submission of the article, the review is completed within four to six weeks and the publication is scheduled for the next issue. The accepted abbreviation for Canadian Journal of Biotechnology for bibliographic citation is Can J Biotech.


The mission of CJB is to disseminate knowledge among researchers and students which should not be barred by heavy subscription fees. Open access journals have significant positive impact on the society. The process of peer-review to maintain a good quality control is rigorous and at par with other renowned journals.


This international journal has no connection with any scholarly society or association or any specific geographic location or any country. This is an independent open access online journal being published by Dr. Sarika Garg, CEO & Founder, HS Counseling, 401-371 Rue Lucien-Milette, Saint-Hubert J3Y 9H1, QC, Canada.